The goal of the Parameterized Algorithms and Computational Experiments Challenge is to investigate the applicability of algorithmic ideas studied and developed in the subfields of multivariate, fine-grained, parameterized, or fixed-parameter tractable algorithms.

PACE 2018 will be about the Steiner tree problem.


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Papers related to PACE submissions

  • Max Bannach, Sebastian Berndt and Thorsten Ehlers. Jdrasil: A Modular Library for Computing Tree Decompositions (SEA 2017)
  • Hisao Tamaki. Positive-instance driven dynamic programming for treewidth (arXiv:1704.05286 [cs.DS])
  • Serge Gaspers, Joachim Gudmundsson, Mitchell Jones, Julián Mestre and Stefan Rümmele. Turbocharging Treewidth Heuristics (IPEC 2016)

Aims of PACE

We want to

  • provide a bridge between the theory of design and analysis of algorithms and the algorithm engineering practice
  • inspire new theoretical developments
  • investigate the competitiveness of analytical and design frameworks developed in the communities
  • produce universally accessible libraries of implementations and repositories of benchmark instances
  • encourage the dissemination of these findings in scientific papers

The focus for PACE 2016 was the identification of specific challenge problems and an exploration of the possible organisational models to implement the main goals. It is expected that the format of PACE in the coming years will adapt to the requirements of the community, and that lessons learned from PACE 2016 will be incorporated into later studies. Researchers are encouraged to join or contact the Steering Committee to influence these developments.


PACE 2016 was supported by NWO Gravitation project ‘NETWORKS’.

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